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Give new life to your crops with theAloe power

We help increase the production and quality of your crops, maximizing profitability in each harvest.

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Our products

We have a range of products designed both to help you improve the yield of your crops, as well as protect them from pre-harvest threats.

We promote the growth of your crops

Our products are designed to accompany your crops from the moment they are sown, until they reach the hands of consumers.


Stimulates greater production in each harvest


Improves balanced plant nutrition and restores soil fertility.

Protects soils by recovering their organic and microbiological matter

It favors the balanced development of microorganisms in the rhizosphere and increases the cation exchange capacity of the soil.

Extend the life of your fruit and vegetable harvest

Provides greater adherence and firmness to food, creating a bacterial and antifungal protective layer.


Smart Agrosolutions helped me increase my potato harvest by 31%.


San Humberto de los Chirriones



Our goal is to boost the potential of the Mexican countryside


With more than 20 years giving new life to agriculture in Mexico


+7 years

of experience creating sustainable solutions.

+30 states

where we have the presence 

+50 thousand

Hectares planted with our product line

+10 products

Focused on improving sustainable agriculture

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Contact us and discover how we can help you improve your harvest.




642 421 3058





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