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Protect your crops from any threat with the power of Aloe

Discover our powerful organic fungicides and insecticides developed to combat pests that threaten your crops. 

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Nematicide and fungicide with regenerative effect, based on aloe vera extracts, chitinolytic compounds, microorganisms, enzymes and biologically active molecules.

Natural origin fungicide

Ideal product for the prevention and protection against nematodes and topathogenic fungi.

Promotes crop growth

It improves the genetic performance of plants and causes a positive interaction with the plant microbiota.

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OMRI certified


Organic fungicidal and bactericidal compound, made up of copper sulfate and aloe vera extracts.

Interferes with the metabolism of fungi and bacteria

creates a protective barrier that prevents the implantation of new diseases in the plant.

Help with disease control

Provides greater distribution, fixation and action potential than other products based on copper sulfate.

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OMRI certified
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dual protective

Compound of natural origin made up of potassium silicates and aloe extracts for the bioprotection of crops against insects. It has fungicidal action and regenerative effect.


Double function against insects and fungicidal action

It forms a protective physical silicon barrier that prevents access to plants by mites, insects and phytopathogenic fungi.

Based on potassium silicate

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OMRI certified

It does not generate resistance in its target organisms, nor does it harm the environment where the application is made.

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