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To maximize the efficiency of fertilizers at key moments of the crop.

Adjuvant designed to reinforce the action of fertilizers, nutrients and agrochemicals.

Agricultor recogiendo verduras



Smart FertiFix S

Agricultural adjuvant.

Strengthens and reinforces the action of fertilizers applied in irrigation to all types of crops

It is applied to crops in the open field, such as shade mesh and greenhouses.

Increases the potential for obtaining nutrients by crops

It prolongs its availability in the soil solution.


Smart FertiFix F

Agricultural adjuvant.

Acts as a surfactant, dispersant and penetrant

It is applied by foliar route to open field crops, such as shade mesh and greenhouses.

Improves the efficiency of applied foliar fertilizers, nutrients and agrochemicals

It achieves a better adherence, coverage and permanence of the incorporated nutrients and elements.

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