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Case of success

Potato production evaluation 2019


Grupo Rivera invited us to carry out an experiment on the effects of Smart Agrosolutions products on their potato crops, and these were the results.





Increased potato production



Increase in first qualities


harvest increase


more production in hectares with Smart Agrosolutions

Products used

Group 69.png

Vigor Up

Powerful plant elicitor that acts as a foliar biostimulant, improving self-protection and regeneration capacity.

Group 72.png

Seven 7+

100% organic bio-enhancing stimulator that improves the balanced nutrition of plants and restores soil fertility.

Image Container (2).png
Group 70.png

AloeFol Mix

Mixture of highly assimilable plant nutrients with aloe vera extracts to enhance their nutritional and physiological regenerative effects.

Group 71.png


Nematicide and fungicide with a regenerating effect, based on aloe vera extracts, chitinolytic compounds, microorganisms, enzymes and biologically active molecules.

Group 33 (1)-min.png

Smart Agrosolutions helped me increase my potato harvest by 31%.


San Humberto de los Chirriones

Farming company


Our goal is to boost the potential of the Mexican countryside


With more than 20 years giving new life to agriculture.


+7 years

of experience in sustainable agrochemicals

+30 states

they have the presence of SmartAgrosolutions

+50 thousand

Hectares planted with our product line.

+10 products

Focused on improving sustainable agriculture

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