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Aloe Fol Mn

plant solutions

Manganese source of high assimilation with aloe vera extract to enhance its nutritional and physiological regenerative effect on plants.

Each crop and soil have different needs... seek free advice from one of our intelligent solutions representatives and they will provide you with a specific technology for your crop.

BOTELLA ALOE fol MN 2 2.png

Product benefits



Prevents and corrects manganese deficiencies.



Increases the regenerative capacity of

plant tissues.



Increase photosynthesis and energy

of the plants.



Influences root formation.



Participates in growth regulation

and the coloration.



It is a nutritional biocorrector with the regenerating effect of aloe vera designed to provide the ideal supply of manganese to plants and crops.


The deficiency of this element is of the utmost importance, since it represents a limitation for plant development. The chemical properties of the product allow it to correct the deficiency of Mn2+ due to its easy assimilation.

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