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Vigor Up

plant solutions

Powerful plant elicitor that acts as a root and foliar bio-stimulant, improving the ability of plants to protect themselves and repair themselves in the face of abiotic and biotic stress conditions.

Each crop and soil have different needs... seek free advice from one of our intelligent solutions representatives and they will provide you with a specific technology for your crop.


Product benefits



Increases plant vigor both foliar 

as root.



Stimulate flowering and fruit set (tie)

of fruits.



Greater earliness, improving the size and

fruit coloration.



Increases brix degrees, improving

flavor and nutritional content.



Helps in the protection and plant respiration

under stress conditions.



100% organic plant bio-stimulant elicitor that activates the metabolism of plants to improve their generic performance, increasing resistance and self-repair.


The trophic and hormonal effects that the product causes  in plants stimulate the production of chlorophyll, indole-acetic acid, vitamins and numerous enzyme systems. Likewise, it stimulates the repair of plant tissues. 

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